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“Threads of Dedication: Suman and Shanti Devi’s Journey with CraftbyNaari”

In the bustling heart of Jaipur, where tradition resonates through every narrow alley, meet two remarkable artisans who have woven their stories into the vibrant fabric of CraftbyNaari. Suman, aged 55, and Shanti Devi, 57, embody the spirit of timeless craftsmanship, their hands weaving magic into every piece they touch.

Meet Suman:

As the sun rises over the Pink City, so does Suman, her hands skilled and weathered, a testament to years spent perfecting the art of Shibori. With a smile that mirrors the warmth of her creations, Suman joined CraftbyNaari five years ago, bringing with her not just skills but a lifetime of stories etched in every print.

Her favorite motif to craft? The Life of tree – a symbol of grace and beauty that echoes through her work. Suman’s dedication to her craft is palpable; she delicately stitches narratives into each garment, making every piece not just an ensemble but a wearable tale of tradition.

Meet Shanti:

Shanti Devi, a vivacious soul at 57, found her calling in the intricate world of shibori. What started as a hobby transformed into a passion, and five years ago, she joined the CraftbyNaari family. Her eyes light up as she recounts the joy of experimenting with folds, clamps, and indigo dyes.

Shanti Devi believes that age is just a number when it comes to creativity. Her favorite part of the process? Unveiling the final product, watching as the patterns she envisioned come to life. With each shibori creation, Shanti Devi invites you to feel the vibrancy of her spirit and the stories she stitches into every fold.

Join the Thread:

CraftbyNaari’s Living Legends:

Suman and Shanti Devi are not just artisans; they are living legends, weaving the heritage of Jaipur into every creation. CraftbyNaari cherishes their dedication, resilience, and the timeless elegance they bring to each piece.

As you embrace a CraftbyNaari garment, envision the hands that crafted it. Feel the stories whispered by Suman’s peacocks and Shanti Devi’s shibori magic. In every thread, in every fold, lies a connection to the rich tapestry of these artisans’ lives, creating not just clothing but an experience that transcends time.

CraftbyNaari garments are more than just fabric; they are a tangible connection to the human spirit. By wearing them, you are not just adorning yourself with exquisite craftsmanship; you are becoming part of the story. The vibrant colors, the intricate patterns, the delicate details – all whisper tales of the artisans who poured their hearts and souls into creation. With each piece you own, you carry a legacy forward, ensuring that the artistry of Suman and Shanti Devi continues to thrive for generations to come.

CraftbyNaari invites you to join the thread that ties these stories together. Wear a piece crafted by Suman or adorned in Shanti Devi’s shibori, and become a part of their narrative. In every stitch, you carry a piece of their journey, connecting their legacy with yours. Embrace the craft, feel the stories, and wear the threads of dedication with pride.

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